Please Note: Very important message. Please do not
leave any moonwalk, slide castle or water slide
unattended. Please deflate unit when not in use. Children
should be supervised at all times by an adult 21 years or
older. Thanks, John
We will provide you with a rental agreement upon delivery. By signing the rental agreement, you agree that you have read the online safety rules and guidelines.
You must adhere to these rules. Injuries or accidents are very rare, but generally they are the result of a lack of supervision or inappropriate use. Safety First!.
Children’s safety depends on the presence of an adult over 21 years old. Keep age and size of groups compatible.  NO SOMERSAULTS, ROUGH HORSEPLAY,
AND FLIPS. NO SHOES, FOOD, DRINKS, SHARP OBJECTS OR SILLY STRING ALLOWED in the moonwalk. Individuals with head, neck, back or other muscular
skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women, small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted on or
in the unit at any time. Absolutely no pets are allowed on or by the unit at anytime. Keep riders from putting netting in their mouths. No Food, drinks, gum, candy,
confetti, face paint or trash in or around the inflatable. Do not allow any silly string in or around the inflatable, it will damage the unit. No one is allowed on the ride
while it is being inflated or deflated. Do not allow anyone to put fingers/hands or any objects in to the fan intake motor, motor housing or outlet when running.
Inspect the inflatable before each use. Adult Operator should be present at the climbing area to help climbers or remove those who are not capable of climbing.
Only one person per lane on obstacle courses and slides. Do not use the slide walls to slow yourself down on slides. Slide down seated, legs together going feet
first on any sliding
area. The landing area of a slide must be clear before the next person begins to slide down. Do Not start sliding until the landing area is clear of all other riders.
Exit the slide immediately after stopping
in the landing area. Do not climb back up the slide from the sliding area. Use only the designated steps to climb up the top platform. Parents/Guardians may not
hold or accompany the rider while sliding. If the unit includes a pool, the pool must be filled with water before riders can begin sliding. I agree to turn off and deflate
the unit If wind becomes excessive (15 mph or more), unload occupants and deflate the ride. I agree to turn off and deflate the unit if there is lighting or thunder
due to severe weather. This is a partial of the lease agreement. We will provide you with a copy of the original lease upon delivery. Please fully read, sign and
initial and return the copy to us. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding the lease agreement. Thanks for your full cooperation. John
Princess Castle Moonwalk with
basketball hoop inside.
$100 total. All day rental.
Give the party that extra
special moment for daddy's
little princess.
A few things from Jumpinjohns to keep in mind when renting a unit.
1- Please keep all dogs on a leash or inside the house while we are setting up the unit. We will not enter your yard with a loose dog around.
2- If unit is kept over night, please turn off sprinkler system.
3- Please clean the area where you will be setting up your unit.
4- We can not set up on concrete.
5- All units need to be anchored down with 1 - 1.5 foot long anchors. Please check for sprinkler system pipes, plumbing pipes and underground electrical wires
before we show up. Once
customer gives us permission to anchor the unit, Jumpinjohns will not be responsible for any damages to any and not limited to plumbing pipes, electrical wires or
sprinkler pipes.
6- Some areas may be out of our delivery area.
7- Please do not allow anyone to bounce on the front outside step. This is very dangerous.
8- We require a minimum order of $100 dollars.
Thanks, John
We deliver to Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander,
Westlake, Bee Caves, Hutto, Manor and Del Valle.

Let jumpinjohns do all the work, while you have all the fun!

Enjoy! / Have fun! / Be Safe!
Popcorn Machine $75 comes with
4 bags of Mega Pop Popcorn and
50 popcorn bags.
Chairs $1.50
10x10 canopies
$15 covers vary
in color
6 ft. tables
$5 each.
Mickey Mouse moonwalk with
basketball hoop inside.
$100 total. All day rental.
Surround your child with this
loving Mickey, Minnie, Pluto,
Goofy bouncy.
Fun House moonwalk with
basketball hoop inside.
$100 total. All day rental.
Call or Text
512-689-4364 to reserve.
Thanks, John
We offer great
competitive prices.
Commercial Made
Products. Jumpinjohns
We will bring a hard copy of the rental
agreement and safety rules upon delivery.
Please call me at 512-689-4364 if you have
any questions or concerns. Thanks, John
Text or call us at 1-512-689-4364 to reserve a bounce
house or water slide for your next event. Thanks, John
Some areas may require a
delivery fee!. Thanks, John
Slide Castle dry $175
total. All day rental.
Party goers will enjoy
this jump and slide
bouncy with a
basketball hoop
inside for added fun!
Text 512-689-4364
to reserve. Thanks,
Text 512-689-4364 to
reserve. Thanks, John
Cotton Candy Machine $75 comes
with 50 cones and a box of sugar.
Text or Call me at
512-689-4364 to
reserve. Thanks, John
Cancellation Policy:
You can reserve any rental at any time. No
deposit required. Payment can be made by
cash or check upon delivery. You can cancel
at any time. There are no cancellation fees.
Once we deliver and set up the moonwalk
there are no rain checks or refunds. We
reserve the right to cancel any rental in the
event of severe weather. Safety is our
number one priority and we take the safety of
your children very serious. Please feel free to
call us with any questions or concerns at any
time. Thank you for your business and we
look forward to serving you. Thanks, John
Text me at
512-689-4364 to
reserve. Thanks, John
Spiderman moonwalk with basketball
hoop inside $100 total. All day rental.
If you thought your kids had sticky
fingers, try this guy. He promises to
keep your kids having fun!
Disney princess moonwalk would
you like Ariel, Cinderella, Belle,
Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel and Snow
White to accompany your young
guest at their princess party.
$100 total. All day rental.
Water slide castle. Beat the heat
with this water slide castle with a
basketball hoop inside. Jump,
climb slide down into a splash of
cool water. $175 total All day
Climb up and slide down into a pool full
of water. Sure to keep your guest
having fun for hours. This water slide
with pool will keep your guest
screaming with laughter and having a
great time. $175 total all day rental.  
Slide Castle Dry
Princess Castle
Mickey Mouse moonwalk
Spiderman Moonwalk
Funhouse Moonwalk
Disney Princess Moonwalk
Water Slide Castle
Water slide with pool
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Comments: please
include the date, time
and the inflatable you
would like to reserve.
Snow Cone Machine $75 comes
with 50 cups and 3 quarts syrup.
Combo slide with
basketball hoop inside
Water Combo slide with basketball hoop inside
Water slide #2 with pool
Special#1       $165
Any Moonwalk + 2 tables
+ any concession with
supplies for 50.
Special#2      $245
Slide Castle dry + 2 tables
+ any concession with
supplies for 50.
Double Lane Slip n slide with pool
Special#3          $285
Any Waterslide + 2
tables + any
concession with
supplies for 50.
We add taxes to all orders. Some areas
may require a delivery fee. Please text me
at 512-689-4364 with any questions or to
reserve. Thanks, John
Reserve early for
Thanksgiving Day. We will
deliver Wednesday and pick
up Friday morning.
Moonwalks $100
Slide Castles $175
Combo Slide $175